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Remember, we’re photographing you, not your outfit. Because you’ll be looking at these photographs for the rest of your life, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind when selecting your clothing:

• Solid colors photograph best.
Loud patterns, large checks and stripes tend to be distracting in portraits. Solid colors draw attention to your expression instead of to your outfit. This may not matter to you now, but it will in five or ten years. (Take a look at your parents’ senior pictures and you’ll know what we mean.)

• Variety is important.
If one of your outfits is light colored, bring another that is dark. If one is more dressy, bring another that’s casual. If one is short-sleeved or sleeveless, bring another that’s long-sleeved. If you’re wearing shorts with one outfit, make sure you have long pants for another. Outfit variety helps make your portraits more interesting.

• Avoid strong contrast between pants and shirt.
If you have a dark shirt or sweater, wear dark pants or jeans with it. If you have a light top, keep the pants light, too. This serves to keep the attention to your expression, not what you’re wearing.

• What colors work best?
Just about any color photographs well if the above guidelines are followed. If you’re not sure about how a particular outfit will look, bring it along and David Claros will help you with the final selections.

• Most importantly, wear what you like. If you like what you have on, you’ll love your portraits!

For the girls...

If you wear makeup, you’ll want to apply some for your portraits. Remember that a little goes a long way, so don’t overdo it. Pay special attention to your eyes and lips, as they will be the first things people will see in your portraits. If you don’t use colored lipstick, try some clear lip gloss to give your lips a little shine and to keep them from looking dry and cracked. 

For the guys...

We understand that you may be in the middle of your sports season, or perhaps may be coming to your session after practice. For this reason, we suggest booking your session near the end of your athletic season. Most guys want to look a little more fit and this would give you time to build up a little and really look your best!