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• Bring more outfits than you need to.

If you can’t decide what to wear, bring a bunch of stuff and we’ll help you pick the outfits that will flatter you the most.

• For girls, bring any hair or makeup supplies for touch ups.

Bring lip gloss or eyeshadow for touch ups. Bring hairspray or a comb for any last-minute adjustments.

• Have someone come to help and watch.

If you feel more comfortable with someone at your session to help, feel free to bring a parent, friend, or sibling. They can help you with your clothing and hair, and to make you feel more relaxed and open. 

• Bring photos you like.

If you see photos you like in magazines, websites, CD covers or friends’ portraits, bring them with you to show David before you start your session. By bringing in your own ideas you will be assured of getting the styles you like. Plus, your images won’t look like anyone else’s!

• Bring any props that are special to you.

We want to make sure your senior session expresses exactly who you are! Feel free to bring any special items that you would like included in your session like instruments, letterman jackets, your car, or your pet!